A Collection of 144
Illumined Reflections

Your journey towards greater consciousness begins here!

Ponderings is meant to be a keepsake book for generations to enjoy. Whether the first thing you engage in the morning or the last thought that lingers before nightfall, it’s an invitation to delve deeper into the expanse of your mind, forge a more profound connection with all vital life-force energy, and elevate your personal consciousness.

Expect your heart to open through these illumined reflections. Allow their magical light to transform you.

What People Are Saying

“Ponderings invites you on an introspective expedition, weaving through the labyrinth of the human soul with profound insight and gentle guidance. Authored by Sharon Fallon Shreve, this book is more than just a collection of words; it’s a sacred pilgrimage toward inner peace, enlightenment, and spiritual awakening. In a world often consumed by the noise of everyday life, Ponderings serves as a tranquil oasis, offering solace and wisdom to those seeking deeper meaning and connection.

One of the most compelling aspects of this book is its universality. Regardless of one’s religious or philosophical beliefs, the self-revelations within Ponderings resonate with a timeless truth that transcends boundaries. Ponderings is not merely a book to be read but a roadmap to navigating the complexities of existence, truly illuminating the path toward spiritual fulfillment and self-realization. Discover the profound beauty of your own human spirit in the exquisite tapestry woven in the threads of the Ponderings—compassion, wisdom, and divine love.”

—Carla Goddard, MSC.D., Coach and Life Wanderer, Team Lead East Pasco Living Group, Operations Director Builder Services

“The modern-day priestess speaks! In her beautiful book Ponderings, Sharon Fallon Shreve shares a lifetime of wisdom and encourages you to do the same. After each insight, written from personal experience, about topics like Beginnings, Endings, Nature, Forgiveness, and Imagination, Sharon offers a question and affirmation for you to ponder and a space with blank lines for your reflection. Imagine that at the end of reading this book, you have received inspiration and support from a wise elder and your words are inscribed next to hers. A generous teacher shares with caring and opens the door for you to do the same. That is exactly what Sharon Fallon Shreve has done with her book.
Read it and enjoy the adventure!”

—Andrea Hylen, Founder of Heal My Voice and the Incubator: An online co-working space for women creatives, Ancestral Lineage Healing Practitioner, Developmental Writing Coach
Ponderings offers profound insights into a range of soul-nourishing subjects, gently steering your contemplative journey. It swiftly becomes your go-to for daily introspection and a dependable ally in times when you seek solace. Gratitude to Sharon for this invaluable, treasured resource.”

—Lisa Michaels, Nature Aligned Leadership and Feminine Prosperity Power Soul Guide, author of Nature’s Creation Alchemy, LunaSol, and the Elemental Forces of Creation Oracle
“After reading Ponderings: A Collection of 144 Illumined Reflections,” I felt like I wanted to sing the song from the Sound of Music: My Favorite Things. This wonderful book is filled with so many of my favorite things such as uplifting and inspiring quotations; 144 soul-stirring, and life-affirming theme words to contemplate and meditate upon, and the absolutely exquisite sharing of Sharon Fallon Shreve’s thoughts on each pondering. As you read this spiritual treasure, you will feel like you are in intimate conversation with a dear friend who is blessing your life abundantly.

—Jayne Howard Feldman, Author of Commune With the Angels, Driving Under the Influence of Angels, and Angels By My Side
“In Ponderings, Sharon Fallon Shreve brings us present to our everyday experiences so that we might see the beauty and grace that is always with us. From the ordinary to the extraordinary, Sharon offers us new ways to ponder and new eyes with which to see. A lovely indulgence.”

—Robin Rice, Author of Stories About Stories
“From my own personal experience, it is life-changing to have a daily (or almost daily) practice of focusing on what you are choosing to create in your life. Ponderings is a great guide and support that gives you practical and insightful ways to focus on the magic and joy that is yours to choose and experience!”

—Cayelin K Castell, Shamanic Astrologer, co-founder of Venus Alchemy, My Star Alchemy, and former Shamanic Mystery School
“Recently, my friend Sharon asked me to review her beautiful book, Ponderings. I’ve been on a writing journey myself for the past couple of years and jumped at the chance. Once looking at the design and then the words, I could totally see the book used as a tool for reflection, personal development, and spiritual growth. I like the in-depth words that describe each thought that she ‘ponders’ about – but adding the question and affirmation, plus the journal space makes the book not just a book but a journal to meditate with. I did see in my mind’s eye, a future companion piece to the book in the form of an oracle/guidance deck.”

—Kathy Strauss, ccfc (aka creationeer & international best-selling author)
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“What a delightful expression of insights! I’ve known Sharon Fallon Shreve for nearly two decades and continue to be blessed by her pure, loving presence and warmth. Truly, she is a joy and her buoyant soul is eloquently expressed through the words of these pages. I love how each pondering Sharon so beautifully shared is presented with a positive perspective and, often, with a viewpoint I hadn’t even considered before reading. Each topic had one or two lines that really spoke to me, giving me pause for reflection. After reading Ponderings, I now find enjoyment in letting my heart/intuition guide me to passages for inspiration and contemplation. It never fails to lead me exactly where I need to be at the moment. This book makes an excellent gift and I plan to keep several copies on hand to share with those near and dear. One can contemplate each subject as lightly or deeply as they wish.”

—Christy Torrence, Owner Inner Peace Wellness, LLC., BCMTB (National Board Certification for massage and bodywork), IAC (Integrated Aromatherapy Certification for clinical aromatherapy), Master-Instructor Integrated Energy Therapy, Reiki Holy Fire III practitioner

“Sharon’s ponderings are thought-provoking, enlightening, and fun. I love that it can be used as a journal and for guidance. I was feeling sad one day and couldn’t understand why. I skimmed through the pages and landed on one that held just the right words about dwelling in the past. I pondered the journal prompt and found the answer I needed quickly. What a blessing!”

—Heidi Henyon, Author, Sound Healer, CMT, Trauma Aware Transformational Coach
“Sharon Fallon Shreve’s keen understanding of human nature and her wisdom achieved from years of travel and meditation practice has produced this refreshing book filled with insightful reflections on life. Ponderings provides a great introduction to the steps of spiritual freedom for anyone on the path to awakening. It can also be used as a daily oracle by simply opening to any page to discover a timely message and guidance to living a more magical, passionate, and fruitful life. A great gift for yourself or someone you care about!

—Ani Williams, Recording artist, sound therapy instructor, and author of Guardians of the Dragon Path

Ponderings: A Collection of 144 Illumined Reflections has given me a valuable personal growth and spiritual guidebook that I look forward to consulting regularly for insights on my journey toward a better understanding of myself and others. Similar to my work with nature and the elementals, these transmissions and reflections will aid the evolution of consciousness on our precious Earth at a time when it couldn’t be more needed. While Ponderings is non-denominational, it is also Priestess work of the highest order in service to humanity’s awakening. As someone connected to Spirit, Sharon invites us to consider new adventures and beginnings, meanings and possibilities practically and affirmatively as we are prompted to reflect and receive inspiration. This book is nourishment for the soul. It reads like a spiritual training manual to help us face our challenges and remove blocks that may keep us from living a more illumined life. Ponderings covers a lot of ground in the human experience. Yet it is accessible and easy to read and work with as a daily companion. This book will help all of us to walk in ease, grace, and beauty. It is a gift from Spirit, and I am grateful to have it in my life.

—Thea Summer Deer, D.S.P.S. Herbalist ~ Educator ~ Author